5 Easy Walks in Killarney

Here is a quick guide to 5 easy walks in Killarney National Park under 5km duration that are within 5km distance of Killarney town centre. These are easy to get to and are mostly flat routes along generally well surfaced paths.

5 under 5 within 5

The routes are summarised below – follow the links for more detailed information on individual trails.

# Route Duration Distance from Killarney
1 Circular Walk, Knockreer 3 km 1 km
2 Knockreer Castlerosse Loop 5 km 1 km
3 Library Point, Ross Island 5 km 2.5 km
4 Muckross Abbey Loop 2.5 km 4 km
5 Rosie’s Beach, Muckross 4.5 km 5 km


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1. Circular Walk, Knockreer

killarneyguide.ie View from Knockreer

The Circular Walk in the Knockreer area of Killarney National Park is popular with visitors and locals alike. Situated close to the town centre, it is an ideal way to experience the Park and get up close and personal with some of the wildlife without having to venture too far from town. The trail loops around some of the most accessible parts of the Park and has a smooth paved path throughout. However, this is not the typical ’walk in the park’. You will be rewarded with wonderful lake and mountain views, open parkland expanses and an almost guaranteed glimpse of some of the local Red Deer herd. As the trail is well paved, it is suitable for cycling and buggies/strollers throughout, although there are a number of cattle grids to negotiate throughout so it is not fully accessible to all. There are some inclines at the start of the walk but the views from the elevated part of the trail are well worth the effort involved. [READ MORE]

2. Knockreer Castlerosse Loop

KillarneGuide.ie Meadow near Castlerosse

The looped circuit of Knockreer & Castlerosse is a wonderful 5km route and a great way to experience some of the magic of Killarney National Park. It is a wonderful trail that passes through open parkland, golf courses and along shaded riverbank paths. Two 19th century gate lodge cottages en route are joined by more modern additions of a children’s playground and an open air fitness park. The Knockreer area of Killarney is popular with locals and visitors alike and this 5km route is a great way to experience some of the magic of Killarney National Park quite close to the Killarney town. [READ MORE]

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3. Library Point, Ross Island

Library Point Carpet AutumnThe beautiful trail that leads out to Library Point on Ross Island is an idyllic journey through woodland tracks and lakeshore paths. Ross Castle is one of the most famous landmarks of Killarney National Park and it continues to attract thousands of visitors every year. On Ross Island, just over 2km from Ross Castle, is Library Point, a limestone rock formation on the shores of Lough Leane. The beautiful trail that leads out to Library Point is an idyllic journey through woodland tracks and lakeshore paths. Step out of the shadows of Ross Castle and discover a secluded and peaceful peninsula trail. [READ MORE]

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4. Muckross Abbey Loop

killarneyguide.ie Muckross Abbey Dawn

The Muckross Abbey Loop is a short walk around Muckross Abbey, Killarney National Park. Explore medieval ruins, lakeshore trails and woodland river paths on this 2.5km trail along paved paths and woodland tracks. Muckross Abbey is a must-see location for many that visit Killarney National Park. Fortunately, in order to access the historic ruins, you have to go through some of the best loved parts of the Park. By veering off the beaten track ever so slightly, you can find a lovely looped walk that combines splendour and solitude with a bit of adventure in between. [READ MORE]

5. Rosie’s Beach, Muckross

Rosie's Beach, Killarney National Park

Rosie’s Beach is a secluded beach on the shores of Muckross Lake, Killarney National Park, Ireland. Being nestled in a quiet, sandy inlet on Killarney’s Muckross Lake, it has plenty of nearby competitors vying for the plaudits for scenery, serenity and beauty. Regardless of the reputation of its more famous neighbours, it’s worth straying off the beaten track to spend some time on the sands of Rosie’s Beach. Follow this route from the busy surrounds of Muckross House through the paths and woods of the Muckross Peninsula. [READ MORE]

So give them a try – maybe not all at one time! Find out more about each route by following the links to the detailed posts.

How many of the “5 under 5” easy walks in Killarney have you experienced? Which one is your favourite? Let us know in the comments below or on the Killarney Guide Facebook page.


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2 thoughts on “5 Easy Walks in Killarney

  • Frank O Sullivan

    I have walked the Knockreer Circular Walk on many occasions
    it is a favoulas walk & very popoular with both visitors & local people. Being a Killarney & Kerry native..I hope I not being biased but we do love to share what we have..we are so blessed in what we have got coming to Killarney make sure to
    pack your good walking shoes..