Walks & Hikes

killarneyguide.ie View from Knockreer
The Circular Walk in the Knockreer area of Killarney National Park is an ideal way to experience the Park without venturing too far from town.

Circular Walk Knockreer, Killarney

The Old Kenmare Road is a superb trail that cuts through Killarney National Park as part of the Kerry Way long distance trail. It is a magical experience that takes you back in time and back to nature.

Old Kenmare Road

KillarneyGuide.ie Glena
Glena Cottage - Lonely ruins cloaked by the the woods of Killarney National Park

Glena Cottage Hike

KillarneyGuide.ie Descending Strickeen
Strickeen : The most accessible of all the peaks of the McGillycuddy Reeks mountain range.

Strickeen Mountain

The Old Weir Bridge is one of Killarney’s oldest structures and it has seen thousands of visitors pass over and under its famous arches for centuries. Make sure to experience the magical setting of the Old Weir Bridge in Killarney National Park.

Old Weir Bridge

Torc mountain - home to the famous waterfall of the same name. The path to the summit rewards moderate effort with superb views of Killarney National Park.

Torc Mountain

On Ross Island, copper has been mined for thousands of years. Today, no copper ore remains but a wonderful trail through the island now takes its place.

The Copper Mines of Ross Island

KillarneyGuide.ie Governors Rock View
The Governor's Rock is a panoramic cliff top viewing point on the shores of Lough Leane on Ross Island, Killarney National Park.

Governor’s Rock, Ross Island

KillarneyGuide.ie Reeks over Cotters Field
Enjoy this 5 mile route of paved paths around Knockreer and Ross Castle in Killarney National Park. 8 kilometres through woods and parkland and along lakeshore and riverbank.

Knockreer & Ross Castle 5 Mile Loop

KillarneyGuide.ie Tower Wood
A Hidden Gem of Killarney National Park - Tower Wood Waterfall. A short stroll to a magnificent waterfall, hidden in the oak forests of Killarney National Park.

Tower Wood Waterfall, Killarney

Killarney Guide Reenadinna Mosses
A special trail around Muckross Pensinsula through Reenadinna Woods. Quiet lakeshore paths, hidden parkland tracks and dark mossy woods.

Reenadinna Woods Loop

The beautiful trail that leads out to Library Point on Ross Island is an idyllic journey through woodland tracks and lakeshore paths

Library Point, Ross Island

KillarneyGuide.ie View from Castlerosse Hotel
The looped circuit of Knockreer & Castlerosse is a wonderful 5km route and a great way to experience some of the magic of Killarney National Park

Knockreer & Castlerosse 5km Loop

killarneyguide.ie View from Governors Rock
The Knockreer and Ross Island Loop in Killarney National Park is a superb 10km route close to Killarney town. Whether you are a runner, cyclist, hiker or a stroller, the route has something for everyone with stunning views, historic sites and nature at its finest.

Knockreer and Ross Island 10k Loop

Killegy Woods loop - a charming 5km trail on the edge of Killarney National Park.

Killegy Woods loop

A short walk around Muckross Abbey, Killarney National Park. Explore medieval ruins, lakeshore trails and woodland river paths.

Muckross Abbey Loop

A trail of two lakes. A 6km looped route through Muckross, Killarney National Park. An alternative route through the Muckross Estate along the shores of two of Killarney's famed Lakes.

A Trail of Two Lakes, Killarney

The Blue Pool - a stone's throw from one of the busiest tourist routes in the Killarney area is a lovely trail that is perfect for a lively walk or an interesting trail run.

The Blue Pool, Killarney